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Xclusive Auto Detailing & Window Tinting

Let Xclusive make your car feel new again.

The Xclusive Difference

Auto Detailing

Xclusive Professional Auto Detailing in Louisville, KY is the number one choice for car detailing and window tinting. We work hard to maintain our proud history of 100% Customer Satisfaction and consistent 5-Star Ratings. With each service, big or small, we ensure the highest quality materials, products, and the most experienced team in the industry. We provide each detailer with unique training to give them the skills you will not find anywhere else. No vehicle leaves our shop until it has been examined by a professional detailer and signed off as complete.

Not Just Car Detailing

As one of the premier auto detailers in the Louisville area, Xclusive Professional Auto Detailing and Window Tinting treats not just cars, but boats, RVs, motorcycles, and trailers. Any car, van, SUV, truck or recreational vehicle gets the following services and first-class treatment from our professional detailers.

  • car waxing
  • interior vacuum
  • engine cleaning and detailing
  • carpet cleaning
  • interior shampoo
  • leather cleaning
  • clean wheels and tires
  • window cleaning

In addition to these standard services, we offer specialty detailing services to be sure your vehicle is showroom ready.

Claybar Treatment

This service is designed to remove paint contamination caused by metal shavings that start to oxidize the paint on vehicles and forms rust, even on new vehicles. Most brand new vehicles are shipped by rail. The train wheels against tracks cause rail dust that can be blown onto new vehicles and cause paint contamination. This can also be caused by regular use of brake pads and everyday pollution. Claybar removes these metal shavings without damaging the paint and without leaving any residue.

Wet Sanding

Wet sanding is a delicate process that must be done carefully. When done right, this service restores a smooth, glass-like feel to any vehicle finish. We are one of the few companies in the area to employ professional wet sanders.

Paint Overspray Removal

If you live in Louisville or the surrounding areas and travel to the city, you risk the potential for paint overspray. Between road construction, bridges, buildings, and highways, overspray can end up traveling through the air and ending up on your vehicle. Although sometimes barely noticeable, paint can build up over time. In rural areas, tree sap and acid rain can also cause similar problems. The only way to remove overspray effectively is to have a professional detailer take care of it for you.

Auto detailing can be a great way to enhance the appearance of your vehicle and make your automotive investment go farther, last longer and look better.

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