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Southern Comfort Pools & Hot Tubs

Pools, Hot Tubs, and Waterbeds!

For the most convenient place to:

Buy swimming pool supplies and chemicals all season long

Buy waterbeds and waterbed supplies all the time

Buy hot tubs, hot tub chemicals, and we do service all year round

We carry only the best and most reliable products on the market today. Our wide selection of popular name brands makes it easy to find your favorite products and, if you need help, one of our trained sales staff will be glad to assist you with knowledgeable recommendations.

We are always focused on bringing you the newest developments within the WATER business: Pools, Hot Tubs, and now WATERBEDS! That’s right, we’re bringing the 1980’s back baby!

Shop Spa and Pool Supplies With The Experts

Our retail store is focused on bringing you the newest developments in the swimming pool and spa industry. Remarkable products and comprehensive customer service are what we offer every client

Don’t turn to the mass market, bulk products. Rely instead on full-concentration, quality brands to protect and clean your pool.

As a dedicated pool retailer, we stock the products that you won’t find at a superstore. We are specialists who can answer your questions, demonstrate techniques, and give you any guidance you may need when it comes to caring for your swimming pool.

To see the full range of our inventory and have your questions answered, please visit our store. Let us be your trusted source of information as well as your retail source for everything involving your swimming pool. It is our priority to exceed your customer service standards and to make sure you have a positive experience. Stop by our retail store today.