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Are you looking for a painting company in Louisville, KY, which provides premier services at an affordable price? At Phillip Patterson Painting, our mission is to benefit our customers by saving you time, energy, and money when you’re in need of interior or exterior painting. For years, we have gone above and beyond to deliver services that have exceeded client expectations whenever they’ve needed residential or commercial painting. When you want a team that will secure your peace of mind, save you money, and never uses subcontractors, then you need Phillip Patterson Painting.

Our Standards

There are many reasons to utilize our company for your next residential or commercial interior or exterior painting job. With years of experience, we’ve assembled an amazing team that works quickly and efficiently with some of the best products in the business. We meet clients’ expectations while minimizing the disruption of services to your personal or business life. Lastly, we believe in a personal approach where we seek to understand your needs and exceed them so we always secure your satisfaction.

Our painting services include:

At Phillip Patterson Painting, Inc we have been providing premium painting services throughout the greater Louisville, KY region for many years; and with great success. Our company has taken on both residential and commercial projects; so our experience is vast.

Interior Services

Painting, Drywall Repair, Wood Repair, Shop Spray

Our proposal will spell out specific work to be done in various areas in and around your home or business. It will address the items to be painted, how many coats to be applied, etc. Interior services we offer include painting, staining, varnishing, drywall repairs, small wood repairs, patching and shop spraying. If a repair or service is outside the scope of our services (i.e. carpentry, paper hanging, faux finishing), we can refer you to a specialized contractor who can perform the work, and we will coordinate the project with them. Other services may be available depending upon your needs. We will prepare all the surfaces according to the proposal. This may or may not include sanding, scraping, patching, covering, moving furniture, removing/reinstalling drapes, priming, painting, staining or varnishing and so forth. Your proposal will spell out the details.

Interior Painting

Unless otherwise noted or specified, we will use the P.D.C.A. guidelines for substrate (surface) preparation and finish. In short, a painted surface is properly painted if it appears smooth and uniform, without sags, runs, drips or holidays when viewed under normal lighting conditions from a distance of 39 inches without magnification. Increasing levels of finish are available, but can significantly increase the cost of your project. They are generally recommended only for very specific effects or wall treatments.

Wallpaper Removal

Remove Wallpaper, Prepare Surface for New Paint or Wallpaper

Wallpaper removal is a difficult area to estimate properly because so many factors that influence the successful completion of the job are unseen and can’t be observed until work is begun. For this reason, when we quote a price for wallpaper removal, the following factors are used to establish the estimated cost.

  • We assume that 1 layer of paper is to be removed.
  • We assume that the surface was properly prepared with a sealer before the wall covering was applied. This means that the paper or wall covering will release relatively cleanly from the surface.
  • We assume that standard wallpaper glues were used, and no especially difficult or troublesome glues or adhesives were used to apply the wallpaper.
  • We assume that some scarring will occur in the removal process, but no excessive damage will be done by removing the wallpaper. (In other words, the majority of the wall surface will be intact, with no large gouges or holes caused by extremely tight adhesion, improper surface preparation or a deteriorated wall surface.)

If we get into the project and find additional layers of paper, extremely durable glues, sloppy surface preparation (like wallpaper glued onto bare drywall or plaster) or a deteriorated wall surface, additional charges may apply. The charges will only increase if it makes the job more difficult. (For example, if there are two layers of paper, but they are bonded tightly together and come off easily, you would likely see no increase in cost.) If the wallpaper removal portion of a project is much more difficult than anticipated, your estimator will let you know and try to give you an estimate on any change in cost. After the wallpaper is removed, we will make the surface ready either to be painted or to have a new wall covering applied. Our painting crews do not do wall-sizing, and that is left to the paper hanger if needed.

Exterior Services

Exterior Painting & Staining, Pressure Washing, Patio Furniture.

Exterior Painting

Our proposal will spell out specific work to be done in various areas in and around your home or business. It will address the items to be painted, how many coats to be applied, etc. Our job proposals are very detailed. You won’t have to guess what is included. The information on your proposal is given to the job foreman to ensure that your job will be completed per your agreement with us. Our exterior services can beautify your home or business, but even more importantly, they can protect it. Whether it is painting, staining, pressure washing or shop-spraying patio furniture, we offer a wide variety of services to keep your home or business looking its best and to protect it from the elements. This can also include services such as caulking, glazing and concrete sealing. Other services may be available as needed.

Exterior Painting

One of the most important parts of ensuring a quality exterior paint job is properly cleaning and washing the surface. For this reason, we wash all exterior surfaces that are to be painted before we begin painting. We will make notes of the extent of washing your home or business needs on our proposal. Mildewed surfaces may receive a bleach treatment. Most exterior surfaces will be pressure washed and delicate surfaces or ones that require more detailed cleaning may be hand washed.

Exterior Painting

When we’re working on your home, we will make all reasonable attempts to protect your landscaping and plants. We understand the value and beauty that landscaping provides and will be mindful of keeping it intact. If the landscaping is such that we either cannot paint safely without damaging it or if it is impossible to reach an area due to the landscaping, we will make this clear in the proposal. You don’t have to settle for second best. Call us at (502) 263-5453 today to schedule an appointment and experience premier painting at its finest.