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Pacific Plumbing

We are a small, individually owned Louisville based company that strives to meet and exceed all of our customer’ s expectations.



Pacific Plumbing Pledge

nWe are a small, individually owned Louisville based company that strives to meet and exceed all of our customer’ s expectations. Our ultimate goal is to provide punctual, polite, courteous, and professional work done correctly and completely the first time. At Pacific Plumbing we understand the stress that may be involved in your project and will do our best to make things as comfortable and painless as possible. Let us make your plumbing, our priority.n

How We Started

nThe name was inspired by a sailing adventure in the South Pacific my wife and I took that completely changed my philosophy towards customer service. We traveled for six months along with an international crew of twenty people aboard a 120-foot ketch sailboat called The Infinity. We sailed from the Philippines to Hawaii visiting some of the most remote islands in the world along the way and interacting with the local people. Some islands were completely uninhabited, while others had several hundred, most of which had never left the island and had only met a handful of outsiders. The places we visited were unbelievably beautiful but the Islanders and crew member’ s generosity and acceptance outshined all physical beauty.nnThe personal relationships were formed with strong bonds despite our cultural differences and inspired an attitude that I believe translates well into business. Because of this experience, we are adopting this relaxed, team mentality that is held together by personal connections. Every project will be a personal experience and our goal is to transfer a relaxed attitude to our customers while performing quality and efficient work. Our focus is our customers and helping to make the plumbing process as painless as possible. Just as I formed lifelong friendships on our adventure I will form lifelong relationships with our customers and contractors.nnn



  • Tub/sink faucets
  • Water heaters
  • Dishwashers
  • Garbage disposals
  • Sump pumps
  • Standard and specialized fixtures
  • Gas lines (install/repair/test)
  • Gas/water/sewer service
  • Other (just ask!)




  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • MSD estimates
  • RPZ/backflow device annual test/installation


Green Plumbing

nMSD (metropolitan sewer district) is working with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Kentucky Division of Water to help keep our rivers, lakes, and streams clean. The backflow prevention program is designed to prevent excess sewage from overflowing from our sewers into local streams. It is our responsibility as individuals to participate in this program and be active in environmental cleanliness. Thus, a clear example of each individual having a noticeable effect on the rivers, lakes, and streams that our children play in.nnSome of the initiatives we can take aren

  • using rain barrels
  • building rain gardens
  • disconnecting downspouts from sewer lines
  • disconnecting sump pumps for sewer lines
  • proper disposal of FOG
  • removing pet waste from yards

nnnnThese are some simple steps that have significant impacts on the health of Louisville’s streams. These common goals are mutually beneficial for the community as well as the individual. For more information visit MSD online at www.msdlouky.org.nnnnnFats, oils, and grease (FOG) include a variety of sources you probably use on a daily basis and include waste such as:n

  • meat
  • cooking oil
  • butter
  • baking goods
  • dairy products
  • lard
  • shortening
  • margarine
  • sauces
  • mayonnaise


Tankless Hot Water Heater

nAn instantaneous water heater will not only save you money in the long run but will also help to reduce the energy used in heating our water. In a typical tank-type water heater the water is heated and reheated over and over again whether you are using water or not. With an instantaneous heater, you will only heat the water as you use it. It will produce more hot water using less energy than any tank style heater. Tankless is the environmentally responsible water heating solution. Save energy, space, and money. They are up to 40% more energy efficient. In today’s energy-based society it is important to do our part to conserve our resources. For more information visit Rinnai tankless water heaters online at www.rinnai.us.nnIn modern plumbing, most manufacturers are conscious of water saving techniques. It is important that we choose companies that are aware of environmental issues and incorporate this into their products. Examples include 1.6-gallon flush toilets and water saving showers.nnThese techniques are just a few of the ways we can help our environment without sacrificing modern amenities, but there are certainly more out there. We encourage research and education in these areas and are, in fact, still learning ourselves. We would like to hear about any techniques or products out there that may reduce our effect on the environment.nnnnnnnnnnnnn

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