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Mortgage Network

Our Prime Interest Is You

Our Prime Interest Is You!

Mortgage Network is a Louisville-based independent mortgage broker specializing in residential mortgages throughout Kentucky and Indiana. Our team of professional advisors will take time getting to know your priorities and goals before recommending a specific program that will meet your objectives at the lowest possible cost. Mortgage Network will provide you the opportunity to compare program options, fees, payments, and out-of-pocket expenses so that you know what to expect up-front, long before closing. Unlike most banks and other mortgage lenders, all of our advisors are licensed, experienced, and knowledgeable about the qualification requirements for each loan type, assuring a smooth transaction from start to finish with no surprises.

Mortgage Network provides individualized attention to each client. You will work with the same professional advisor throughout the loan process. Mortgage Network does not purchase internet leads or operate a call center. We will not sell your personal information to other businesses for marketing purposes.

Why A Mortgage Broker?

As an independent mortgage broker, Mortgage Network offers several advantages over other types of mortgage lenders.  Loan originators employed by brokers are held to higher professional standards than their peers at banks and other financial institutions.  They are required to pass state and national licensing exams, engage in continuing education, are subject to periodic criminal background and personal credit checks by regulators, and unlike their counterparts at banks, must fully disclose all of their fees up front at the time of application.  Brokers are able to access interest rates, closing costs, and program options from a variety of lenders, providing consistently competitive pricing and greater flexibility in underwriting.  Mortgage Network originators rely on referrals from current and past clients, real estate agents, and other business professionals.  Our success depends on meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers.

Kentucky and Indiana Mortgages

Mortgage Network offers free pre-approvals, quick closings, low-interest rates and closing costs, and no surprises.

NMLS #6691