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Providing full service, quality all breed grooming in Middletown since 1995 and in Highview since 2009.

We offer long- and short-term boarding facilities: When you can’t bring ’em with you (to where ever you are going), bring ’em to us!

Accepting new clients, appointments available within 1-2 days.

Grooming is not just for dogs and cats! We have groomed ferrets, pet pot-bellied pigs, and bunnies. We’ve even sheared a sheep!

Whether your pet needs just a nail trim or a full groom, we have services you need for your pet.

Our All Breed Pet Grooming offers a wide variety of services from which you can choose:

  • baths include quality shampoo and checking of anal glands
  • grooms include baths and scissor trims
  • shaves include baths
  • baths/grooms/shaves include cleaned ears and trimmed nails

We also offer several a la carte services:

  • nails trimmed
  • nails filed
  • nails painted

Some Information on Boarding:

In addition to dogs and cats, boarding is available for guinea pigs, birds, hamsters, lizards and snakes, ferrets, mice, rats, even millipedes!

If you need to go away for a while and can’t take your beloved pet with you, give us a call.

Our boarding facilities are located in beautiful Taylorsville, Kentucky on Mona’s 30-acre property. Dogs that board with us stay in an indoor/outdoor climate-controlled run. They are let out 3 times per day to run, and if they are friendly, to play with other dogs in a 2800 sq ft fenced-in yard directly behind Mona’s house.

Cats boarding with us stay either at one of the Shops or in Mona’s home, depending on the length of stay and the animal’s needs.

Special needs pets stay with Mona in her home. This often includes animals with chronic illnesses, pets who live in cages (birds or snakes, for example), or skittish animals. Sometimes, an otherwise easygoing dog can become stressed out or afraid in a thunderstorm. On such an occasion, Mona usually brings the scared dog in from the kennels and sometimes, the dog will end up sleeping in her bed!