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Business Coaching

For more than 10 years, successful business owners and corporate leaders have sought out Momentum Business Results to help them identify and implement strategies to continuously grow and strengthen their organizations.   They envision a business that will operate ever more successfully…  one that allows them to spend more of their own personal time away from the business and its day-to-day details.

About Your Business Coach

Prior to 2006, when Duane started his work as a business coach he successfully operated, “turned around”, bought, started up, owned, grew and/or sold multiple businesses. During this time, he consistently developed strong teams, generated steady growth and profits, exceeded customer expectations and built sustainable organizations.

His true passion, though, is coaching and helping others to achieve their goals. During the day, he focuses on coaching business owners, and, outside of work, he coaches fastpitch softball at a Louisville area high school.

Coaching programs typically include (but are not limited to):

⦁ Regularly scheduled one-on-one coaching sessions

⦁ Unlimited access to Momentum coaches between scheduled sessions

⦁ Periodic coaching sessions with other members of the business to support and align their efforts with the overall strategies for the organization

⦁ Additional support as needed to successfully implement agreed upon initiatives

How does business coaching work?

Similar to athletes, musicians and other professionals who routinely utilize coaches to continuously enhance their performance, Momentum’s clients realize that it’s critical to work with a coach who has their best interest in mind, will help develop appropriate strategies according to their unique needs and will work alongside them to ensure successful results from the process.