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Interim HealthCare of Louisville

In Home Care in Louisville

What comes to mind when you hear the term “in-home care”? For many people in Louisville, it brings up an image of an elderly loved one getting helped out of bed or walked down the stairs by a doting caregiver. Others may think of it as an occasional helping hand with laundry, dishes, and groceries. The truth is that home care can be all this and so much more. At Interim HealthCare of Louisville, our in-home care isn’t just about helping local seniors get by – it’s about helping them live a full, happy life at any age!

Helping Our Clients Enjoy Each Day with Concierge Services

We’re proud of the work our dedicated caregivers do each day on behalf of seniors and other recipients of home care. While some care providers may only focus on physical health and support, at Interim HealthCare, we really work to help each client continue to take part in the things they love. Through our Concierge Services, we plan activities for our clients and escort them to the places they love, but can’t get to as easily as they used to. Our outings include trips to museums, golf courses, bookstores, a loved one’s home, and other locations. If your family member simply misses the ritual of buying their own groceries, we can make that happen, too. 

Other In-Home Care Services in Louisville

Of course, home care also involves assisting our clients with getting around the house and maintaining their health. In addition to our day-to-day Personal Care, we also have licensed healthcare professionals and caregivers on staff to support people dealing with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. We also offer care services to local veterans and their spouses and can give family caregivers the break they deserve with our Respite Care.