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Building Kidz Child Care & Preschool

Confidence, Commitment, and Character.

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At Building Kidz of Louisville, our goal is to be one of the best early education facilities in Louisville, KY. We provide high-quality child care and innovative, hands-on learning experiences for our clients’ children. Our center will care for up to 65 children. We focus on developing close-knit relationships between the children and nurturing teachers.

Our Child Care Curriculum Approach

The teaching staff at Building Kidz will facilitate learning opportunities. They support children through scaffolding, a method that enables students to solve a problem, carry out a task, or achieve a goal through a gradual reduction of outside assistance. Our teachers use the concept of the Emergent Curriculum. Thus, they are open and able to introduce children to the performing arts as part of that curriculum.

The focus of our curriculum will make use of performing arts activities, exercises, and training methods as part of developing “the whole child:” intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally.

Building Kidz is unique in that our unparalleled proprietary curriculums, references, and highly qualified faculty. Plus, we have combined that with a world-class academic setting with a specialization in Performing Arts. Our creative philosophy is stitched throughout our curriculum. Allowing us to customize to meet the specific needs of every child by delicately balancing our time between structured elements and play. We offer weekly lessons in music, dance, and theater embedded in our daily routine. Our children, from the age of 3, perform one recital and one Broadway-style production annually such as The Wizard of Oz, Annie, Rio, and Where the Wild Things Are.

Our Mission

To create a community where children are challenged intellectually, become empowered and interested in lifelong learning, and engage in the arts to accelerate the development of their Confidence, Commitment, and Character.

Our Philosophy

The Creative philosophy at Building Kidz is specifically designed to develop the “whole child’. Our comprehensive arts-integrated educational program focuses on 6 key areas of development: emotional, social, cognitive, physical, communication, and academic. We provide customized learning experiences that stimulate every child’s growth to build their Confidence, Commitment, and Character.