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Bringer Appliance Repair

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Bringer Appliance Repair has been servicing and repairing appliances since 1978 and has received factory training on many brands.

Meet Dave Bringer, Owner

My goal is to provide you with professional, courteous service at a fair price. If it’s not worth fixing, I will give you my opinion and let you make the decision. I will be fair with you because I want us to have a continuous long-term business relationship with my customers. I can testify to that as I have many customers today that have been with me for over 30 years. We currently service Louisville, Jefferson County, North Bullitt County, Mount Washington, Prospect, and Crestwood in Kentucky.

Appliance Repair Services:

Washer Repair

  • Some fixes are surprisingly simple like a hose or connection that simply needs tightening. Others require a little more sophistication in diagnostics.
    • Wobbling: If your washer seems to be walking away with each load, it may simply be an unbalanced load or an uneven machine. Either way, it is likely a simple fix. An unbalanced load can be remedied simply by pausing the machine and rearranging the load inside. If your washing machine is imbalanced, wait until all the water has drained completely and then use the leveling feet to balance the machine. If you are having trouble balancing the washer, we can help there as well. No issue is too simple and no job is too small, give us a call and we can help quiet your wobbling washer.
    • Filling and Draining: Filling problems can be difficult to diagnose, but often deal with the water control unit or the circuit board of the machine. A draining issue is likely a faulty pump or a blockage in the hose or motor. Both of these repairs require a bit of disassembly and should be handled by a washer repair professional.
    • Leaking: Washing machines can leak, even if you don’t see water on your floor. There may be leaking underneath the washing machine ruining your floor before you even realize it. The most common reasons for leaks are a broken or faulty hose. Finding a leak can be tricky if it is not clearly obvious. Before a flood appears in your laundry room, call our experts to locate the leak and fix or replace the hose quickly and professionally.

Having a dryer to instantly dry and steam your clothing makes laundry much simpler until it develops a mind of its own and refuses to work as expected. When you are faced with a fit from your machine, call Bringer Appliance in Louisville, KY to fix the problem and set things right again. We deal with all the most common symptoms and problems from most major brands with factory trained technicians that are both professional and courteous.

Dryer Basics

Clothes dryers are either electric or a combination of both electric and gas-powered. Of the two types, electric appliances are simpler with only a control panel, switch, motor, burner, and interior light. Gas machines are similar but have the added component of a more complicated burner assembly with a gas valve, an igniter, and thermostats.

Dishwasher Repair

Typically, the average lifespan of a dishwasher is between eight to 10 years. We pride ourselves on giving homeowners honest advice so you can decide whether to replace or repair. If you are experiencing problems, your machine may need one of these common services.

    • Dishwasher will not start: This could be as simple as a switch, a blown fuse, or a bad wire. Most of the issues causing a dishwasher not to start can be easily repaired.
    • Leaking Water: Water can leak from a fill valve, a failed solenoid, low water pressure, or natural wear and tear. This symptom may be repaired, or it might be cause for replacement. Our quick evaluation can advise whether dishwasher repair or replacement is the best solution.
    • Water is not filling, or not draining: This may be a problem with the drain motor or the fill valve or one of its many components. It is best to be evaluated by a professional to see if it can be repaired.
    • My Spray Arms Don’t Function: If you are having problems with your spray arms, it may need a spray arm replacement or a simple spray arm cleaning.

Oven Repair

    • There are common elements that may indicate your electric oven is in need of repair.
    • Cooktop does not work: If your range simply does not turn on or heat, it may indicate a problem with the electronic control board, a faulty transformer, or a shorted element that can be easily replaced.
    • Heat is not adjustable: If you have trouble getting your oven to heat, you may need to replace a burned out receptacle, tighten a component connection, or replace the infinite switch, we can diagnose and repair any of these problems in the same day.
    • My range has an error message: If the clock on your range has an error message, this might indicate a problem with the control board, or another component sensor that may need to be replaced.If you have a gas cooktop, some of the most common repairs include:
    • The downdraft motor doesn’t work: This may happen to either a gas or an electric stove and may indicate a wiring problem, loose connections, or a circuit problem.
    • Smell of Gas: Anytime you smell gas, immediately turn off the ignition source and call a professional. We can find the source of the smell, and repair or replace a leak if necessary.
    • Burners Won’t Ignite: If you have trouble with burners that will not ignite, you may need to repair or replace your ignition switch or may have a connection problem that can be repaired. Dealing with an unreliable oven is frustrating at least and detrimental at worst. Don’t live another day crossing your fingers hoping that dinner doesn’t burn and wondering when the water will boil. Allow us to bring ease back into dinnertime with a quick and easy oven repair that will last for years.

A smoothly running appliance is only a call or text away! If you’re in need of appliance repair, trust our experts for quick, affordable repair.