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Customize a Security Solution for Your Business

Your business isn’t just your business. It’s your passion, your way of life. It’s also a livelihood for you and your employees. We can tailor a security solution to help protect it. From helping to deter burglars to automating your business, ADT offers a range of advanced security technology, with solutions built to meet your needs.

Customized Security and Automation Solutions

ADT works with you to identify security threats to your business and employees, whether it’s protecting inventory or preventing cyber attacks.

Based on our consultation, we explore security and automation solutions that fit your business.

Ultimately, an ADT solution can help protect your business, increase worker productivity and improve the safety of your employees.

Access Control Solutions that Match Your Needs

Different types and sizes of businesses have different access needs. Access Control solutions from ADT can help keep your employees and inventory safer by limiting who can enter your business, how they can enter it, and when they can enter it.

  • Control employee entrances
  • Limit access to secure offices
  • Restrict entrance to IT server rooms
  • Protect customer files from unauthorized access
  • Restrict access to controlled substances
  • Allow limited access to refrigerators or freezers
  • Give regular customers or members code-access to your business
  • Limit access to only staff and parents to help protect kids

Monitored Intrusion Detection

ADT Business Security specialists can design and deploy an intrusion detection system that detects and deters activities that can harm your business and threaten your employees, 24/7.


Your business has a number of potential entry points, from doors to windows. Strategically placed sensors can quickly detect if someone is trying to enter your premises.


Burglars frequently break glass to enter premises. A glass break sensor can detect the sound and prompt the security system to send an alert. In cases where glass has not been broken, motion detectors can confirm that someone is moving around inside your location.

Security Automation

Automation is a customized function that you can create to give you greater control over the safety and security of your business.

Automate Your Opening and Closing Process

Create automations that lock or unlock doors, arm or disarm your system and even adjust your smart thermostat to save energy and maintain comfort.

Schedule When Your Lights Turn On and Off

Set up automations to turn your lights on and off at set or random times to make your business look occupied. Plus, a well-lit location helps deter break-ins.

Smart Security

Control your security and business automation systems from virtually anywhere, right from your mobile devices.

Monitored Security Products

Door & Window

Motion Sensors

Glass Break

Hold Up Button

Video Surveillance

1080 HD Clarity – Day or Night

View high-quality video of your business day or night, including in low-light conditions.

Look in on Your Mobile Devices

Even if you’re out of the building you can still check in by viewing cameras through your mobile devices.

View Multiple Locations

You can’t be in two places at once, but you can view cameras at different locations of your businesses and check in when you can’t be there.

Monitor Productivity

Make sure your employees are attending to customers and on top of inventory and not spending too much time in the break room.

Reduce Liability

Video clips can help determine fault in the case of an accident or incident and protect against fraudulent insurance claims

Improve Safety

Add an extra level of security to protect your employees and your patrons from potential threats.

Reduce Shrinkage

Minimize product loss, both from patrons and employees.

Monitor Inventory

Ensure that shelves are stocked and you have what your customers are looking for.

Deter Crime

A majority of burglars avoid businesses with video surveillance systems.

Security Cameras for Your Business

Crisp, Clear Images

View live video in 1080p HD quality, even dark or low light.

Motion Activated

Set cameras to capture video clips when motion is detected.

Manage Multiple Locations

Check in on all your locations from a single platform, with a single account.

Maybe you need cameras to cover the register, your office, the back door, and the parking area. These areas may require different types of cameras. Smaller security companies and big-box retailers may not offer you the choice of indoor and outdoor cameras.

ADT has a variety of camera and video recorder options. And we have small business security professionals who can help customize a package to meet the specific needs of your business.