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Kentucky Derby Festival


Kentucky Derby Festival
(502) 584-6383


Louisville Waterfront Park
129 East River Road, Louisville, KY, 40202
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Apr 27 2019


4:00 pm - 12:00 am

Ken-Ducky Derby

Waterfront Park was designed for a variety of uses and actvities. There are a number of different venues designed to accommodate a range of events. WATERFRONT PARK VENUES include: BIG FOUR LAWN BELVEDERE BROWN-FORMAN AMPHITHEATER BROWN-FORMAN LAWN FESTIVAL PLAZA GREAT LAWN (NORTH/SOUTH) HARBOR LAWN ORANGE UPLAND MEADOW OVERLOOK PURPLE UPLAND MEADOW WHARF For those who have never had the pleasure of living in a city with a vibrant urban parks system, it’s hard to imagine the many uses and benefits that urban parks offer to downtown workers, residents, and visitors. Louisville Waterfront Park is the front door to Kentucky, a playground for people of all ages, and a gathering place for folks from all over the community. It offers a grand view of the river, space for concerts and festivals, quiet places to read a book, picnic spaces for your family and friends. The parks hosts crowds of 350,000 for Thunder Over Louisville, and groups of 25 for family reunions.