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Home Maintenance

15 June

You’ve just moved out of your college bachelor or bachelorette pad and into a comfortable home. It’s got three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a nice size basement, and a thrifty attic. How excited are you? This is your stepping stone into the real world. Reality. However, your bubble bursts. Why? Because even though you have this […]

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18 August

What’s really in my trash bin? How often do you clean your outside trash bins? My guess? Not often. Most homeowners choose to ignore the filth of the trash bins. Many don’t even think about it. Well, did you know your trash bin could be home to a number of bacteria and diseases such as […]

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18 August

Goodbye Closed Doors and Windows, Hello Fresh Air You may have prepped your doors and windows for winter with weather stripping or plastic shrink film, but it’s time to say goodbye to those and prepare for Spring! This means taking down the plastic coverings and double-sided tape. Many homeowners are ready to open their doors […]

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