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This Is Why You Deserve Some Massage Therapy!

Whether you're getting a shoulder rub from your significant other or a foot rub during a manicure, a thorough massage to the body feels just right. Not only does it feel nice, but according to the National Institutes of Health, a passionate rub down has positive effects on your health. These positive effects include reduced muscle pains, reduced depression, and a better immune system. Therefore, when it's late at night and your significant other is rubbing down those shoulders, just know you're relieving some stress and elevating your health all at once. You can't deny the facts, so here are three reasons you deserve some massage therapy from a professional:

1. Massage Therapy Relieves Pain

You don't need a prescription for Analgesics to relieve the pain from your muscles, especially when your masseuse knows how to work his hands on your bare skin. Research insists proper massage therapy relieves pain by relaxing tenseness in muscles, tendons, and joints. The degree of pressure the masseuse puts on certain areas of your body matters. Many people see different forms of massages such as deep tissue to be painful, adding on to the pain they already have. Therefore, you can request the type of pressure and touch you want. For example, you can select a lighter touch, firm pressure, and hard pressure. Lighter touches tend to be more relaxing and sometimes more beneficial, depending on your amount of pain. People with different levels of pain such as chronic fatigue syndrome can be more tolerant of pain.

2. Reduces Depression

Do you find yourself getting lost in your head sometimes? Are you often feeling gloomy, sad, and dissatisfied no matter the day? Do you find it hard to be happy about anything or anyone? Experts state massage therapy reduces symptoms of depression. These symptoms include, but are not limited: persistent sadness, restlessness, thoughts of suicide, and so on. Not all people with depression will have the same symptoms, however, massage therapy can improve your mood. When connective tissues become stiff and rigid, a masseuse can ease these tensions to create easier blood flow and increase your relaxation. Massage therapy will relieve your sleeping problems in order for you to enjoy a good night's sleep. You'll also have a decrease in your sluggish problems, which will decrease your persistent sadness.

3. Better Immune System

Massages don't just get the blood flowing! Clinical studies have shown that regular massages not only relieves stress but can naturally increase the immune system's cytotoxic capacity (the activity level of the body's natural "killer cells") and decrease the number of T-cells, which improves the body's immune functioning as a whole. These increased number of blood proteins is key to protecting the body from viral infections and tumors, according to a study published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.¬† If you or someone you know is looking for professional massage therapy, you can find our recommended vendors HERE.   [caption id="attachment_3975" align="alignnone" width="300"] Faith Smith is a personal blogger and creator of The Music Tip through Wix. She is also a sophomore at Valparaiso University with a major in Creative Writing. Faith received the Academy of American Poets Award for her original poem entitled, "Someday I'll Love Faith Smith."[/caption]