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Self-Care Is The Best Care!

According to Healthy Women, when we do too much for too long and ignore the signs of "burnout," we tend to neglect self-care. We never give ourselves the chance to exhale and give our attention to our mental, physical, and emotional needs.  

Fear no more! Here are easy tips that will shape and guide your daily self-care routine:


Self-Care Tip #1: Value Your Rest!

According to the Help Guide, adults need between 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. Children and teens need even more. Don't walk around carrying those bags under your eyes! Get the rest you deserve for free!

Tip #2: Exercise!!!

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America insists that exercising can not only keep your physical condition in shape, but it also reduces stress. Why can't you be stress-free with a perfect body? It's a two for one special!

#3: Treat Yourself to the Spa!

There's nothing more satisfying than taking one or two hours out of your busy schedule to treat yourself to some relaxation! Get some massage therapy, stop at the nail salon, and release those emotional stressors!

#4: Consult a Life Coach!

We may think we have it all together, but we're just one person. We can be superman and superwoman all day in our heads, but our bodies and mind clearly say the opposite. It's okay to need a little guidance from someone other than yourself. We try and fight the urge to ask for help because of our pride, but we should know that it's better to have a village than self-reliance. Don't be afraid of getting coached through life!

#5: Keep a Journal!

The most important part of self-care is making sure you are mentally and emotionally stable. Keeping a journal will increase the likelihood of you letting go of stress. Bottling in how you feel only increases the likelihood of health scares, mental illnesses, and emotional turmoil. A journal is a good way to vent on a page and everything you say will stay between you and your journal. Even if you need to write down a few thoughts so you won't forget, try journaling daily to empty some of those concerns from your mind.

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Faith Smith is also a personal blogger and creator of The Music Tip. She is a sophomore at Valparaiso University with a major in Creative Writing. She is also a recipient of the Academy of American Poets Award for her original poem entitled, "Someday I'll Love Faith Smith."