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Doors & Windows: Home Maintenance

Goodbye Closed Doors and Windows, Hello Fresh Air

You may have prepped your doors and windows for winter with weather stripping or plastic shrink film, but it’s time to say goodbye to those and prepare for Spring! This means taking down the plastic coverings and double-sided tape. Many homeowners are ready to open their doors or windows, letting the breeze in and airing things out. However, upon doing so, you may notice it might be time for a new screen, whether it’s a window screen or a new one for the storm door.

While a new screen may not seem important, they have become an absolute must for springs in the South. Think of them as a filter for the air coming in from outside, this filters out bugs, dust, and dirt, and don’t forget the wave of pollen we always get. If your screen has a build up of dirt or dust, its time to clean! If it has rips or tears, it’s time to replace!

Keeping Things Cool

While open doors and windows are nice sometimes, when it gets hot you like to keep your cold air, inside. If the caulking around your doors and windows is older or dried out, it’s going to create a draft. This makes it really hard to keep your house cool in the summer, and runs your LG&E bill up airing the outside. You may have used weather stripping around the doors for the winter, pull out the leftover and re-strip for summer!

Is It Time to Replace Your Doors and Windows?

If your doors and windows are just too leaky, have excessive condensation, are difficult to open or make a cracking sound when opened, it may be time to replace them! Those are just a few signs. You may also look at the temperature control, is it too hard to maintain the right temperature at home and your energy bill is climbing? Are outdoor elements such as pests or water creeping in, or maybe they’re just dated? It’s time to replace your doors and windows! New doors and windows can help tremendously on saving on your energy bills, can help to maintain the temperature indoors, reduces sound, and leaves your home looking and feeling better.

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